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Smoke & Mirrors


Smoke and Mirrors is the sobering account of LaKesha Boddy’s membership in a cult. For 5 years in both Glendale and Peoria Arizona, a charismatic leader used biblical scriptures to seduce the author and his followers into blind obedience and servitude. While cut off from family and friends, LaKesha found herself residing in her vehicle to finance the vision of the “church.” Ignoring red flags, her inner voice and God himself, the members of the ministry accepted abuse and humiliation under the guise of correction and love. A run in with the law, for falling asleep behind the wheel still hadn’t awaken LaKesha from her slumber. After years of mental and physical exhaustion, LaKesha took one day off from service. While still before the Lord, she came to herself and knew it was time to leave. It would be a decade before LaKesha would find herself in the house of the Lord. After serving faithfully in her new house of worship a church leader’s actions, triggered the memories she tried desperately to forget. Not long after, she found herself having no choice but to confront the cult practices that have fallen into the church. LaKesha’s testimony will help you identify the atmospheres where deception and manipulation thrive.  Smoke and Mirrors is the writing debut of Leadership expert, LaKesha Boddy.

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About the Author

LaKesha Boddy is a leadership and mindset coach, podcaster, child of God, lifelong learner, servant leader and the founder of Elevated Destiny. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Strayer University and is a Maxwell Leadership Executive Level certified speaker, coach, and trainer. In her down time, she enjoys creating memories with family and friends. LaKesha currently resides in Maryland with her son.

3 reviews for Smoke & Mirrors

  1. Joi Parker (verified owner)

    All I can say is Wow! This is an amazing read. I’ve known LaKesha for over a decade. I knew she lived in Arizona, but did not know the details. In this books she explains the details of her journey. The strength that she has throughout all of this is amazing to see. This book has reminded me that I do not need a “middle person” to have a relationships with GOD. With so much going on in the world today, my faith in GOD is often questioned. LaKesha’s experiences along with her testimony confirms that HE still exists. Kesha I am so proud of you. I thank GOD for you. Thank you for sharing your story to help folks like me.

  2. Tiffany Alston (verified owner)

    Smoke and Mirrors is a vulnerable and transparent account of one women’s quest to know and honor God. LaKesha shares intimate details of how one’s longing for and commitment to God can be manipulated by others. The brilliance of this book is that it was not written to place blame or to be malicious or cruel but rather to allow the author to share a series of events/encounters with imperfect institutions and people. My favorite part of the book… is how often God’s grace and mercy stepped into her life. Her account makes it clear to her reader that even when we are on a path that is full of smoke and mirrors… the Lord will NEVER leave us or for sake us. LaKesha thank you for sharing. Thank you for allowing your story to serve as a beacon and protection for others.

  3. Julie Cox (verified owner)

    Smoke & Mirrors is an amazing account of LaKesha’s personal journey of good over evil. Her story is inspiring for all of us who are up against the odds and searching for our purpose. I am grateful LaKesha chose to share this part of her life journey and how all things are possible through our Lord and Savior. As a previous co-worker, it is now even more clear to me where she got her confidence and determination to be her best regardless of the circumstances You ROCK LaKesha! I am so proud to know you.

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